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Ledger Page Number: 100

Last Name Letter: D

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1914December22Davis Mrs. Hughx29208
22Duke Estridgex292310
28Donguid GarnellCopiesx29251
1915January4Deane LillieP.C.x29321.5
February10Debating Council for C+Cx2983
10Dixon S. N.P.C.x29861
15Dillard Miss.x29975
24Delta PsiCopyx30175
March1Dodson W. B. (Delta Chi)x30424
22Douglas Miss. M. S.P.C.x30881
27Davis Miss.Sepiax31076.5
Durrauce C. M."x310813.5
Duggins P. E.x31156.5
Drummond HubertBaseballx3128
April2Douglas A. F.P.C.x31401
14Delta Tau Deltax3165
" Psix3180
26Davis Dr. J. S.11x14 Sepiax318618
May8Davis Dr. J. S.x321320
16Delta Phix324012
18Delta Chix324612
20Delta Kappa Epsilonx3251
23Dunnington Prof. (when a child)x3255
26Duff Miss. Addie V.U. Pan.x32633
29Delton Miss. ElizabethRosemont Sepiax32676.5
June12Dunnington Prof.x32984
12" Miss. M. B.x32992
16Daks Miss. JessieU. Pan.x33095
19Davis Miss. Alicex33161
July7Davis J. A. and WifeP.C.x33511
10Demaster Miss. WillaP.C.x33651
29Drumheller S. H.P.C.x33841
18Dunn Mrs. S. A.Sepiax34298
September1Drumheller Mrs. Jessie (child)P.C.x3465
7Dawson Mrs. M. S.x3477
15Delton JamesP.C.x3487
October6Delta Chi House8x10x3522
11Dillard Miss. Ruthx3530 1/2
28Dickerson A. J. (Baby)P.C.x3571

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