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Ledger Page Number: 121

Last Name Letter: E

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
30Edwards Miss. Corinne167x
May20Eli Banana14x17216x
JuneColonade Club8x10350x
East Range8x10351x
July15Etherton Mrs. W. A.12P.C. Baby395x1
18Edwards Miss Bessie5x7401x
August2Estes Hugh24P.C. 2 Negs437x2
September9Estes Mr. F. E.122 Boysx5155
Estes Mr. F. E. + Wife13cabs. 2 headsx5165
Estes J. N. + Wife13cabs 2 "x517
28Evans George M6manx622
October12Edwards Laura121/2 cab ladyx6552
18Edwards Clara12cab "x6692
23Eddins Mr E. G. Somerset65x7 babyx696
29Elevation of Newx712
November4Elevator "x721
Elevator "x722
Elevator "x725
8Earlysville High Schoolx733
211x14 3/4 fig.x7405
128x10 sittingx74110
Erek Class S. B. C. Dramatic Clubx768
30Edwards Miss Bessiex848
December16Echols Master Marion12P.C.x9191
17Echols Rubel L. University12x9201
Echols Caustaure12x9231
1913January2Elliot W. R.2x976
Eutsler Charliex980
Elliot J. F.2x989
17Ergenbright D. H. Masonic26 duplicatesx1034
February1Engineering Class Levier C+C8x10x1070
12Educational Bldgx1111
13Earley Dr. J. E.M. Panelx1116
28Elliott Mr. J. S.x1139
Emery O. W.x1145

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