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Last Name Letter: H

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1912July23Mrs. E. W. Hardesty Child122 negs U.P.
27Miss Hale12P.C.
Mr. L. M. Hamilton12P.C. 2 negs
August1Miss Hurst6U.P.
8Miss Nannie Howison122 negs U.P.
16Hanbottle Mrs. Geo Child12Cab fold
3Hunt Raymond6P.C. in Fol
22Haden Mrs. V. B. Family Group125x7 card
27Hawkins Reva12P.C.
2812P.C. Baby
29111x10 enlargement
August1Heust Miss.6M.P. Bust
1212Cab Fol Baby
Haden R. L.3Copies
October5Humphrey Miss Mullie P. O.12P.C. Lady
10Hawkins Mr.8x10 Sketch
12Hawkins Curtis61/2 cab W Fol
21Harris Mr. FootballM Par Buff
4High St. Baptist Church
6Harris Mr.
9Hudson E. W.12P.C.
12Post Cards
Hunt Miss. Annie + Fannie12
Hunt J. B.12
Harold Ruth SBC Senior Picture
Horner Eva SBC Senior Picture
November11Harrison Mrs. W. L.12M.P. Sketch
Hayes Miss. Ellen
12Harrison Mrs. W. V.12
13Hawkins Mrs. Hugh124x6 P.C
Hawkins H.R.6 duplicates
19Hewitt Miss. E. W.67x10 Sketh
Hill Miss6Copy
22Hopkins Mrs. J. W.12P.C. Boy
Huff Charlie121/2 Cab
26Holland Miss

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