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Ledger Page Number: 198

Last Name Letter: H

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1916January22Harrison A. E. W.11x14 Sepiax3794
Hancolk " Yearling, Mares. etc"x3797
28Heck Prof. (Little girls)x3832
February8Harrison Mr. R. C.7x10 Sepiax3853
Harris Chas. #P.C.x3856
18Harvey Mr. Jesse J.P.C.x3889
Hunt Mr. B.P.C.x3892
19Harris Mr. J. B.P.C.x3894
11Holsinger Ethel8x10x3946
April6Harryman W. K.Midgetx40111.5
11Hager Mr.Baseballx4023
12Hart Miss. E.G.Copiesx40273
17Harris J. W.7x10x40416
22Hite Mr. Roy G.P.C.x40571
23Henry Miss Esidorax4059
25Henderson Mr.5x7x40731.5
May2Hamilton Mrs. S. W.Copyx40911.1
20Hawkins Mr. R. S.P.C.x41381.5
June2Hawkins Laudon5x8x4187
Hopkins Mr. G. W.Enlargementx41944
6Harrison Letcher3x4 Folx42059
1Holsinger Ethel7x10x4206
July3Hudson Mr. J. S.P.C.x42631
Hausvey Willis # GroupP.C.x42651
4Henderson Miss. Daisy GroupP.C.x42680.75
57/10 Sketchx42726.5
8Hill Mrs. Q. E.P.C.x42761
15Horse Show Grounds8/10x4293
29Harris Earl #P.C.x4223
August2Harman Miss4/10x43295
4Horse Show Grounds8/10x4331
2Hobson Susie B. #P.C.x4335
4Horse Show Grounds1 to 18x4337
1 to 6x4338
3Hunt W. H. Family8/10x4340
24Herr Mrs. J. W. and Children4/10x4378
September1Hamilton Mrs. S. W. (son)5/8x43908

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