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Ledger Page Number: 260

Last Name Letter: K

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1925January19Kiwanis Annual Conference2511x141256525
January27Kells P.66x81256710
January23Kappa Alpha House8x10125693.5
February17Kendly W. A.67x101261015
February19Kappa AlphaPanoram12614
February26Knowlton M. S.68x101262115
March4Kirkman O. A.13x412637
March9Koontz W. W. Med Class15x7126513.5
March16Knights' Basketball Team8x1012668
April13Kennie Clara12PC126292.5
May6Kappa Sigma2011x1412691
May18Koontz M. Frieda12840
May19Knowton Maury S.128410.75
June26Kelley Jet Orchestra8x101292116.75
July27Kincade Complimentary12972
July" son12973
August11Keith Ella Wood8x101298820
October12Kappa Alpha1811x141305918
October23Kappa Sigma11x1413081
November17Kepps L. W. + wife124x61313410
November18King John S.38x10131366.25
November25Kappa Sigma111x1413172
December4Kite Opal65x71319610
1925March3Keene K. B.13454
February3Keen Mr64x6133773
February8Knocolton Mr65x71334510
April15Keith J. A. C.18x10 Sepia135338.75
May22King R. L.63x4 Iden136332
June15Kohler Keith64x6136876
July13Kiwanis (cargiver Orth Clinic)11x141373213
July21" Pin (RWH)13743
August27Kimbrough Dr R. D.6PP137932
September7Keith Mrs Ellie Wood Page58x10138177.5
October5Kincaid Jr.15x7138533
October18Kitch Inn48x10138836
November13Kirsop Miss6PP139442
December6Kennedy Mrs A. B.12PC Sepia140277
December10Kean Dorothy63 1/2 x 6 Sepia140503

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