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Last Name Letter: M

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1915October3Morris Chas. Y.P.C.x35211
15McCall J. E.Sketchx353711.5
20Maupin S. P. and BrotherP.C.x35461
22Mayes J. H.P.C.x35531
27Mauyer Miss InaP.C.x35681
Munday Miss BertieP.C.x35691
28Mawyer MurrayP.C.x35771
November17Michie EuniceLocketx36220.5
27Mayer MarionP.C.x36491
30Mickes Miss JoeP.C.x3654 1/21
December1McCusken W. A.x36608.5
4Moore Mrs. S. D.P.C.x366910
6McGuire Mr. H. H.5x8 Sepiax36825
7Morris Mrs. J. R.8x10 Copyx368610
14Minor Mrs.11x14x370812
Moore Mr. ClaudeM.Panx37073
18Moss Mr. and FamilyP.C.x37242
May Miss. Pearl7x10x37266.5
20Minor Chas Venable7x10 Sepiax37308
McClure J. C.Sepiax37318
" J. C. FindleyU. Panx37325
Marshall Mrs. Harry J.x3734
" and Childrenx373510
21" C. B.P.C. Fol.x37382
Mellan Mr. W. G.7x10x37394
29Magruder Dr. E. M.4x6x37512
1916January6McKay R. W.M.Panx37725
17McGraw J. F.Sepia 7x10x37808
28Makarew Mrs. S. H. (Group)P.C.x38331
February1Meade R. H.Copyx38400.75
Medical Undergraduates14x17x3866
" Graduates11x14x3867
12Magazine Board8x10x3876
18M. A. Applicants11x14x3886
26MacMahan HewryP.C.x39041
29Meyer Mr. A. S.8x10 Sepiax3915
March2Mechanical Laboratory Interiorx3919
4Mason Harry #P.C.x39211
Mitchell MissP.C.
Meyers Miss BlancheP.C.

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