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Ledger Page Number: 509

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
August3White Miss C. A.62 Neg UP438x3.75
August16Woodson C. S.12PS Folder467x2
August27White Mr W. A. Child12UP Sketch483x5
August3Walton Mr George12x4962.5
AugustWalton Mrs George + Son6Cabx5032.5
September10Weaver Mrs + Mr 809 E High St Residence124x6x5198.25
September12Wingfield Mrs University of Va Baby12PC Childx5261
SeptemberWoodley C. B. Man1211x14 Sketchx60115
October9Wood Mrs Cismont Va12PC Babyx6491
October15Wayland Dr6x6613
October19Wilson Mrs A. L. City Baby12PCx6731
October21Walker Mr FootballMP Buffx681
October21Wood Mr FootballMPan Buffx682
October21Woolfolk Mr FootballMPan Buffx683
October24Watts Miss M. A.12PCx6971
November8Whittle Miss University of Va121/2 Cab Ladyx7363
November9White Rebecca S. B. C. Seniorx767
November12Witt Mr City12PCx7871
November22West Mrs T. F. Jr. Fry Va44x10 Bridex82120
November28Ways W. T. + Family12x8366
November30Withers T. L. University of Va12MPx8518
December6White J. E. University of Va67x10 Manx85810
December17Wood Mr Jr. Universityx9242
December23White Miss Alize Rev Hill Va12PC girlx9361
December26White Mr Harry12PCx9431
December26Walker F.12PC 2 groupx9461
December26Wingfield C. N.
1913January4Washington Tillie North Garden #12PCx9921
January4Washington #12PCx9931
January6Woody A. L. + Lady61/2 cabx9941.25
January11Williams Carrington University67x11 in ovalx10176
January11White J. H. University128x10 Sketchx101910
January17Williams T. J. Masonic2x1040
January18Walker K. P.6MP Enlargementx10444
January23Walker Mrx1059

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