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Ledger Page Number: 516

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1916March1White Mrs James g.Copy and Enlargementx391715
7Walcott John5x7x3931
13Williams Dr. H. M.2 childrenx39493
22Wailes Miss B. G.5x8x39795
22" and friendmdgetx39800.75
April5White Mrs Rob8x10 copyx40060.75
6Wardcopy of drawingx40132
11White Mr C.baseballx4022
21Whitehead Mrs RobertPCx40501
May3Wood AlettaPCx40921
5Whindelton Judson #PCx41011
9Woodberry Forest School8x10x410740
10Wood Mrs Warner8x10x4109
31Washabaugh HelenMPanx41776
June10Webb Senorax42131.5
14White Mrs Rob5/8 Sketchx4231
17Willoughby Miss P. V.5/8x42408
22Williams Lelia #PCx42501
26Wood AubreyPCx42551
July5Williams Miss Ruth S.7x10 Sepiax42704
24White Mrs Rob5x8 Sketchx43102
Woods Chatting StoreInteriorx4318
29Walker Miss LizziePCx43211
29Willis Endora and girl #PCx43221
August17White John11/14x436310
18" P. D.7/10x436710
21Wayland E. W.3/4 folx43692
18White Mrs Rob5/8 copyx43722
Waddell Tilman8/10 blockx4374
September1White Mrs Jas G.8x10x439110
8Walden Estermidgetx44081.5
9Whiless Mrs W. E. and baby7x10x4415
11Walton JamesPCx4416
14Warren Mrs Rice7/10x4417
16Washington Sallie #PCx44211
25Wilson Miss Mabel7/10x4437
27Williamson Mrs Clas J.5x8 copyx44438
27White J. S.footballx4450
27Ward J. C.x4457
28White Miss India O.8/10x4461

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