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Ledger Page Number: 520

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1918February7Wallon S. J.4/6 Sepiax59506
18Washington Literary Society11/14x5981
22Wied H. F.8/10 Sepiax599312
23Waite Mrs Harrison4/6 Sepiax59974
23Wingfield OliverPCx60011
24Weatherford Tom #PCx60071
28Wingfield Mrs E. (baby)PCx60221.5
March5Wells Lulce #PCx60411
7Wheeler Mrs J. W. (copies)4/6 B+Wx60563
30Wade Miss FanniePCx61191.5
30Whiting Emmit #4x6x61233
30Wood ClydePCx61241
April1Webb Miss H.PCx61301.5
3Waldon Miss LucyPCx61351
13Wright Mrs (child)4/6 B+Wx61493
6Williams M. H.8/10 Sepiax620112
6Walton R. H. (baseball team)8/10x620310
11Wood Emmett (baby)PCx62141
11Wilson Miss Henretta5/8 Sepiax62156
28Whittle Bishop F. F. (copy)Cabx62513
11Waters Frances4/6 Sepiax62215
May31Weaver W. D.4x6x62803
June3Wars J. M.7/11 Sepiax629115
6Williams WilliePassportsx63111
8Washington Clara (baby) #4/6 B+Wx63213
8" + #PCx63221.5
11Williams J. S. Jr.7/10 Sepiax633510
12Woodberry Forest Fuials8/10x6348
15Wingfield Mrs J. C.4x10 Sketchx63505
19Wood Laura7/11 Sepiax637110
20Williamson Leut L. H.11/14 Sepiax637225
25" (baby)8/10 Sepiax63818
24Wheatley Russel (Tablet at UVa)8/10x63882
25Woodson Lucille4/6 Sepiax63894
July4Wood Ashley (group)PCx64202
4Willis Mrs H. S. (group)4/6x64274
4" (Baby)PCx64281.5
4Woodson Miss Mary & GroupPCx64521.5
18Woorell Mrs8/10 Sepiax648013
18Watson Miss LucretiaPCx64821.5
18Wood Ashley11/14x64495

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