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Ledger Page Number: 521

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
July23Wilson W. L.PCx65001
July27Walker H. M.PCx65231
July27Wilson Mrs H. W.8/10 Sepiax652412
July27Wade Mrs D. C. + boy7/11 Sepiax652515
August1Weaver Mrs W. D.5/8 B+Wx65375
August1" little girlPC in folderx65381.5
August2R. E. Walker6/7 copyx6544
August6Woodson Miss EthelPCx65571
August8Wellford Miss R.Passportsx65603
August13Wood Buck + friend5/8 enlargement + copyx65730.75
August20Walker John W.8/10 Sepiax659818
August24White J. W.PCx66091
August24Woods Mrs W. (residence reduced)PCx66129
August24Walke A. E. MissPassportsx66142
August24Wood Mr Ashby D.PC 2 positionsx66152
August26Wood RobertPCx66261
August31Worley E. H.PCx66461.5
September411/14 Sepiax666115
September6Wood Buck Lt (copy of photo made in France)5/7x6670
September7Woodson J. M.PCx66771.5
SeptemberWood Lt Buck5/7 - 8/10x6691
September9Woodberry Mrs H. S.7/10 Sketchx66975
9Woodberry Mrs H. S.4/6 Sketchx66984
10Woods Ms D. B. Jr.11/14 Sepiax670125
10Wilson Lt. Geo. A.11/14 Sepiax670225
13Weaver Mrs W. D.4/10 Sepiax67165
16Walker Clara #PCx67431
19Wood Ashby + wife + baby4/6 Sepiax67512.5
23Williams Dr. H. M.4/6 Sepiax67662.5
25Wood Buck (copy by Areoplane)8/10x67722
26Williams Dr. H. M.4/6x67782.5
26Whitting Fulla #PCx67791
27Whitting LullenPCx67831
27" FilyPCx67841
27Whitting EverettePCx67851
28Wright Mrs Lottie (children)PCx67951
28Wilson L. T.PCx67961.5
October2Wade Finer + ladyPCx68081.5
19Williams Maude #PCx68581
19Williams Hattie #PCx68591
26Woodson Miss CarriePCx68791
16Wood D. L. + friend4/6 Sepiax68495

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