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Ledger Page Number: 522

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
October28Wells Lt J. A.
October29Winfrey Chas
October30Worthington Mrs Bruce
November2Willaims Myrtle #
November4Watson Elijah
November5Wilkerson Mrs T. E.
November6White Roy
November7Washington Richard
November7Walker J. T. + Wife
November8Weaver Mr. L.
November8Washington Clara #
November8Washington Clara baby #
November8Wilson J. T.
November12Wilkerson Mrs T. E.
November16Ware Miss Irene
November16Watson Mary #
November16Whitever Murphy B.
November16Whipps W. H.
November18Wills Mr E. B.
November21Wilson Mr A. F.
November26Walker Mr. A. P.
November26Wade Miss Blanche
November27Wilkins Miss Lottie
November26Woodberry Forest 1st Team
November26Woodberry Forest Squad
November26" Individual Player
November27Wood Miss Virginia (film)
November27Wood W. H.
December4Wilkinson Lt. F. S.
December12Woods Ms Robert
December13Webb H.
December14William Miss Elizabeth
December14Woods Ms
December18Wilson Lt H. V. P.
December20Whitney Mrs H. H. (son)
December23William Mary #
December23Woodson Mary E. + Friend
December26Walton E. T. Group

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