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Ledger Page Number: 536

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1926June30Wylie Margaret Miss65x71370510
July9Wilson J. M.25x7137273.75
July16Wade John6Index137362
July20Walden M. R. S. Mrs.65x71374110
July20Wright Laura Mrs.34x6137425
July24Ware Mary Miss6P.P137492
July24" Mrs6P.P137502
July28White G. S. Mrs. Baby65x713757
August6Will Samuel F.6P.P137642
August17Watson M. H. Dr. (baby)94x6137798.75
August31Walker Mrs. R. C. (group)48x10138036.5
September1Wood Grattelle (children)6P.C138071.5
September15Winn Mamie6P.C138312
September24Weiss S.18x10139375
October4Williams Mary Ida12P.C.138492.5
October5White J. J. Jr.65x71385510
October27Wallace J. W. G. (baby)24P.C.138903.5
October27Wilkins J. W.128x101390040
November3Woodson Rev R. S.128x101391815
November4Whitlock Minnie6P.C.139211.5
November5Walker R. H.6Index139222
November8Wilkins Jack26x8139257.5
November10Wallace J. L.126x81393215
November12White M. J. W.6Index139422
November15Watkins Chester Jr.18x10139525
November18Walters Mrs. J.38x101396413
November20Wheeler Willis6P.C.139721.5
November23Waddell Elotilda6Index in Folder139772.5
November27Waddy Mrs. L. W.123 1/2 x6139904
November27Wilson Lois36x8139969
December7Waller C. G.65x7 on 7x11 mat1403610
December8Wilson Miss Emma13x4140382
December10Warrick Ray (Machinery)8x1014046
December10Walken Mrs. E. V. (children)38x101404710
December20Watts Miss Sarah68x101409316.5
December20Wood's Garage (Machine)38x10140955.5
December20Waddell Miss Nancy126x81409618
December9Williams Place8x1614109
DecemberWheat Jallen3141156

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