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Ledger Page Number: 540

Last Name Letter: Y

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1908February4Yates J.S.Dr.6Engraving bust198583
April24Yancey as Police Man9199811.5
May5Young A. F.1Copy199871.75
November21Yowell M Miss63/4 fig210732.5
27Yager V. G. Mrs.62 neg bust210813.5
Yager J. F. Mrs.12210825
Yager J. F. + Family6210832.5
December7Yancey Mr. Football18Pan Fig211004.5
1909February1Yowell Ethel Miss6211941.5
1911March3Yancey Mr.12U. P.243836
6Young Viola12P.C.243851
May24Yates Dr.128x102455410
July5Yancey Mrs. R. A.125x8 Bust 2 Children246585
12Young Mrs. Rose12246623
22Yancey Mr. Residence + Horses24711
Yancey Football suit24928
Yager "24931
December71211x14 Bust2502815
1912February22Yancey W.B.12M.P. 2 negs2523110.75
May22Yeager Mrs. G.6Dragon Fol239x5
October21Young H. L. Fork Union Va6U. P. Sketchx6783
1913January5Young J. C. City6K+M W. O.x9983
August19Yeager JuliaP.C.x15961
25Young's Residence Ivy, Vax1610
September1Yeager Lucy Marlinton W Va.P.C.x16341
19Young G. D.x16715
February10Yeaper R. A.x20937
March27Young Mrsx21741.5
April27Yancey Orchardx2258
" + Residencex2258 1/2
October13Yancey Kemper andM.Panx27025
" Mrs.x27035
13" andx27056.5
30Young J. S.Copiesx29292.5

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