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14 Business of the 12th June 1880
The first thing on docket was, the money in
the hands of the treasurer [Frotem],
Jas Price, to be returned over to the
worthy treasurer _ A. Arrington; after all
deductions are made of the debts then hanging.
The balance of the money was layed
in the treasury- The treasurer given his
bond with good and approved security;
The face of the bond hearing the Amt of two
hundred dollars. But the treasurer
is only held responsible for which he
gives receipts for. The bond drawn with
condition; That the said treasurer shall
only be responsible for the money in the
treasury. Mr. James Price than come
forward returned over all the money in
his hands. But two dollars after which
it was replaced. The building committee
presented their bill of building and laboring
expenses, which amounted to twenty
nine dollars; It was paid.
The bills of Items were then presented its Amt is $3.16
Mr Roebuck's bill come up for consideration 50
was agreed is [isfrom] and paid. Bill of
clerk books was 40 cts, agreed [illegible]

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