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Piedmont Instustrial and Land Improvement Co.

The undersigned person Nine (9) in number, desiring to
form a join stock company, pursuant to section eleven hundred
and forty five of the code of Virginia of 1887 do make and sign
this certificate in writing to be presented to the corporation court
of the said City or to the judge thereof in vaction as follows:

1st. The name of the said Company shall be the Piedmont Industrial
and Land Improvement Company -

2nd. The objects and purposes for which the said Company is formed are
the following viz: The engage in manufacturing operations, to purchase
hold, lease, rent, improve, sell, exchange, develop and otherwise deal
in real estate; to negotiate loans; to buy and sell real estate on
commission; to secure moneys on deposit; to borrow, lend and
advance moneys, giving and receiving certificates, notes, bonds, and other
proper evidences therefor; to act as agent, attorney in fact and trustee
for individuals, companyies and corporations and as commissioner
and receiver under orders of courts; to extend aid and assistance, finan-
cial or otherwise, to persons of limited means in purchasing homes;
als to extend such aid and assistance to persons, companies and
corporations engaged in manufacturing or other enterprises; to engage
in any lawful business with other companies or persons; and to under-
take and conduct generally all business usually carried on by Land
and Improvement companies, except the construction of a turnpike
beyond the limites of Albemarle County, Virginia, or of a railroad or
canal, or to establish a bank of circulation.

3rd. The capital stock of the said company shall not be less than Five
thousand dollars ($5000.00) nor more than one hundred thousand dollars
($100,000) to be divided into shares of the per value of fifty dollars
($50.00) each and payable as the bylaws of the company may provided.

4th. The amount of real estate proposed to be held by the said Company
shall not exceed in value $100,000.00.

5th. The principal office of the said company sall be kept at Charlottesville

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