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Virginia and the chief business to be transacted shall be the
origin and fulfillment and accomplishment of the objects and
purposes for which the said company was formed as herein before
set forth in the clause or section numbered second (2nd) of this

6th. The officers of the company shall consist of a president and vice
president who shall be ex officio directors and not less than five
nor nore than nine other directors and a secretary and treasurer
and such other officers or agents as the by-laws may prescribe and
the board of of directores determine upon, and the offices of Secretary and
Treasurer may be filled by the same person. The names and ad-
dresses of the officers who for the first year are to manage the
affairs of the company are as follows: President Robert Keler,
Vice President D.D. Alexander, Directors, C. N.W. Cary, Charles
Goodloe St. , Stephen B. Logan, Schuyler Saunders, W.C. Gibbons,
W.L. Brown, B. Bullock, J.H. Ferguson and A. Truatt, Secretary
J. W. Sellers and Treasurer Charles Coles, all of them residents of the
said City of Charlottesville and State of Virginia, except said Cary
and Gibbons who are residents of Albemarle County.

Given under our hands this 9th day of April 1889
W.L. Brown
Jas. H. Ferguson
Alexander Truatt
S. Saunders
J.W. Sellers
Robert Kelser
Stephen B. Logan
W. C. Gibbons
Berkley Bullock

State of Virginia
City of Charlottesville

I, R.W. Duke, Clerk of the Corporation Court for the City aforesaid,
do certifify that W.L. Brown, James H. Ferguson, Alexander Truatt,
S. Saunders, J.W. Sellers, Robert Kelser, Stephen B. Logan, W.C.

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