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Gibbons and Berkly Bullock whose names are signed to the fore-
going writing bearing date on the 9th day of April 1899 have and each
of them has this day acknowledged the same before me in the
Clerk's office of the Corporation Court aforesaid.

Given under my hand this 9th day of April anno domini

R. W. Duke, Clerk

At a Corporation Court continued and held in and for the City
of Charlottesville, Virginia, at the Court House of the said City, on this
16th day of April 1889. Present the Honorable R.T.W. Duke Jr.,
Judge of the said Court.

This day come W.L. Brown, James H. Ferguson, Alexander Tru-
att, S. Saunders, J.W. Sellers, Robert Kelser, Stephen B. Logan, W.C.
Giboon, and Berkley Bullock by their attorney and by leave of
Court filed their certificate in writing pursuant to section eleven
of the formation of a joint stock company as provided by law
and it appearing to the Court that the said certificate which bears
date on the 9th day of April 1889, is duly made, signed, and
acknowledged by the parties aforesaid in the mode prescrived
by law and that in all other respects it complies with and fulfills
the requirements of law in reference to such certificates for the
granting of charters by certain of the Courts of Virginia as provided by
the laws thereof: Thereupon on the motion of the parities aforesaid
by their attoruney it is considered, adjudged and ordered by the Court
that a charter of incorporation be and such charter is hereby granted
untio the parties aforesaid upon the terms set forth in the said cer-
tificate; and they and their associates and successors are hereby
created and declared a body politic and corporate by the name
of the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company
and by that name shall have, exercise and enjoy each, all and

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