Status: Complete

Page number: 29

Header line 1: with Thomas S. Watson

Header line 2: 1858

Date: June 14.

Note: By amount brought from page 27

Amount : 700 46

Date: July 12.

Note: " This sum from Waldrop, constable, on account of claims in his hands for collection — as per statement below — vilz-Collected by Waldrop, from Wm. P. Bunch through hands of Wm T. Sanders in full of W. P. Bunch's Bond- 18.79
From Wm T. Sanders, in part of his own Bond -31.21
off Waldrop's commission 5pc
2 50

Amount : 47 50

Date: "

Note: " This sum from Robert W. Williams being an order given by him on Henry Taylor

Amount : 12 00

Date: Aug. 26

Note: " This sum from R. W. Williams in full of order in your favour on C B Hopkins—in my hands for collection—Hopkins having refused to pay said order of forty dollars

Amount : 17 33

Date: Sep. 27

Note: This sum from Robt W. Williams being order on James M Morris

Amount : 6 00

Date: Oct. 1

Note: This amt. from Robt. W. Williams; order on [Groom].

Amount : 5 00



Amount :



Amount :



Amount :



Amount :

Other notes (if detailed): Carried to page 151 #

Total Amount (if listed): 788 29

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Page number should be 29. I don't know the word at the end of the 3rd line of July 12 but after studying the letters, that is not a g but a z. (look at word Eliza and see his z) [vilz?] isn't right either but I don't think it is a g as I had originally said.