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John Harrison & Paul
send their love.

Dr Bayard is delivering
a Course of Lectures in
Charlottesville on Europe.
So far they have been very
interesting. His manner
is very bad, but the substance
is very good. Remember
to William Gordon & tell him that
I fear that associating
with you will corrupt
him. I feel I am sorry
to say the effects somewhat
myself. My love to Charles
Cooke. I should like above
all things William to be with you
during Christmas but I dont
think I can possibly come
down. I must here close.

May the Lord bless you
& the Devil take you.
Greet the brethren at
Montville. Remember me to
Mayor Fontaine & his Lady.
Excuse haste as the Old
Cow said when she died
in the mire. As ever
Your devoted friend Samuel G [?Pompston?]

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