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The arched doorway leading to the small
chamber south of the church is interesting for its
mouldings * and the decorations of the
lintels of the other doors are worthy of note.*

The courtyard south of the church seems
to have been surrounded with a colonnade
suggestive of a monastic cloister. This is
now completely ruined but a variety of
capitals are found among the debris.

Town. The town, situated on the slope to the
west of the church is built chiefly in the
simplest megalithic style, tho traces
of more refined styles are not wanting.

All the houses seem to have been two
storied, many of them have two stories
of colonnades; of these the majority are
in the severest rectangular style.

One large house at the ^ west ^ end of the
town, measuring 40 x 60ft has a well-
preserved megalithic colonnade in two
stories - eight openings in each story.
*see photos

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