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District II. (continued) Djebel, Berîsha. (continued)
November 6th
Burdj Bakirha. 20 mins. from Bashmishli

On the northern slope of the mountain, called
Kublet-Babutta, upon a spur of rock, stands the fine
ruin of a pagan temple of Roman date, the first
certainly classic building that we have found.

The temple faces the East, a considerable por-
tion of the cella with the entire west wall and
gable is still standing. Of the pronaos only
a single column and portions of three others
are in place. The plan of the temple
was a simple prostyle tetrastyle. It seems [to?] have
been surrounded by a walled temenos, of which
only a massive pylon, of simple design remains.

This gateway gives the history of the origin of the edifice in
a Greek insc.* of good form. It, the pylon, was
erected by three men in honor of Zeus in char-
acter of the god of the region, in the year 161 A.D.

*see W.K.P. insc. 12.

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