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[Bakirha] November 6 & 7.

On this site, just below the temple described
above, is the ruin of a large town, built on a
series of high terraces - the hill here slopes
steeply toward the valley and the buildings
are piled one above the other giving a very fine
and lofty effect from below.

The two chief buildings are the church, a
fine large structure of the sixth century, and
a somewhat complicated structure, part of
which seems to have been a religious building.
Besides these is a large variety a ?
buildings of various dimensions and in different
styles, rough polygonal, megalithic and quad-
ruled, with varying amounts of sculpted ornament.

546 A.D.: the church is situated near the top metroon
and well to the east. It measures 50 feet
by 92 ft. overall, and is planned with sp.?
Eastward and narthex to the west. The east
end, apse and chapels, and the west wall with
the colonnde of the porch are well preserved.

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