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but the lateral walls and interior arcades
have all fallen.


The apse measures
22 ft. 10 in wide and 13 ft. deep. The arch of the
apse has fallen; but the pilaster, with well
carved capital which supported it on the north?
and that which supported the first arch
of the nave on the same side are still in place.

The decoration of the east end is quite simple,
a moulding now above the level of the window
sills and another is carved once each ? together?
window ending in a spiral volute. The windows are 22 in. d. and 4 ft. 5 high.
The corince now on a level across the end of
the end walls? of the aisles then staged? up
like gates where it is carved ? across the apse.


The best wall is preserved quite intact with
its finely decorated portal and ? of windows
above it. The central windows near? the main
frontal is much of the largest church
window we have seen and it is truely ?
on the exterior all the windows are moulded.
The main frontal* is particularly fine. ?
*see photos

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