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November 6th

This extensive ruined town lies due north
of Bākirha about 20 minutes, far below it
yet within the valley; but in one of the low northern
foothills of the Djebel Berisha. The northern
and southern portions of the town are on higher
ground than the centric. The ruins em-
brace three churches of fair size with other
eccesiastical buildins adjacent and a
considerable number of domestic builldings
much of which have been torn down to build
a Saracenic caste which seems to have
been built on this site in the middle ages.

Arabic battlements dated from the 10th-12th century are found in the vicinity. (E.h. inisc. 10)

The church in the southern extensiono of the ruins
is of simple plan with square [?] and
was divided by 2 rows of columns. The apex? was
arched as is usual in churches of plan? no. 3.
The church is much dilapiddated only the
South and East walls with a single pilaster

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