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of the northern colonade standing. The ornament
exterior and interior is quite plain. The
windows are round topped and moulded.
St. Sergius's 536 A.D. A larger and more interesting church
is that to the east. It's plan is similar
to the above (no. 3) perfectly rectangular, but it is
better preserved and its ornament is much
finer. This church has an interesting
feature in the form of a small baptistry ad-
joining the south apse-chapel. date 520 A.D.
At the west end was a narthex formed
between the projecting aisle walls. Its portico
consisted of four tall columns with rather bell-
shaped capitals decorated in a Byzantine style.
The main portal was richly decorated, with a series
of mouldings and foliate frieze or corona, and
bears a Gr. insc (WKP insc. 14) giving the name of
the patron saint as Sergius and the date as 536 AD.
The ruined apse shows a pilaster for the
apse arch - this is also of Byzantine character.

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