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This little building is not over 12 ft. square,
interior measurement, it has a portal, to the
west, of decorative character, and another
on the north side near the apse, plainer
but with a ? insc. in Greek (WKP insc 32)
dating the building to 421 AD. The upper course
is ? with an over hanging cornice
and a deep moulding is carved around
the curved ? apse at the spring of the vault.
On the interior the walls are quite plain, having
been probably plastered originally. The face of
the apse arch is quite smooth with only
a simple cross carried on the keystone.
Adjoining this church on the west
is a long building running East to West.
It was originally provided with a colonade
of two stories now only the main west of the
structure are standing the lower story
was partially

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