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of the ? are particularly interesting
from the standpoint of ?, the
lower story is a fine specimen of well
?, smooth polygonal with ?
knobs projecting from the surface like cer-
tain examples of Early Greek work, this
wall has no openings. The second story
is built entirely of quadicated rock
very smooth and even and pierced with
small rectangular ? evenly disposed.
West of this structure is another long
colonnaded structure nearly at right angles
to it. The colonnade is preserved only in
the lower story. It is in plain monolithic
style with moulded caps - one of the ?
bears a Greek insc. (WKP insc. 31) carved
within an incised square. It gives the
date, Xanthikos 484, (April 436 AD).
South of the North church, not far from
the residence adjoining the church entrance
is a square ? structure built of

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