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November 7th, 8th
This large unmatched?, ruined town
is also situated on the range of foothills north
of the Djebel Barisha about 25 minutes East
of Derkila. The path from ? to the
other ? ? an ancient road,
narrow with remains of walls on either side.
On the way we pass below the ruins of
Kefr a small unimportant ruin chiefly in
megalithic style and greatly dilapidated.
The town itself has a fine situation upon
a low ? plateau. The architectural
remains are in numerous styles and there
are various classes of buildings represented.
Two such ruined buildings are ?
churches. besides there are numerous
private houses and long ? colonades
that doubtless served as marketplaces.
One large structure, covering ? the space
and with numerous sections disconnected,
is difficult to identify. With any class of building
that is the ?

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