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Mch 20-24

Leaving Kalàt il-Mûdik we moved toward
the north coming almost at once into the
mountain district of the Djebel Zâwiyeh. After
the first ascent we came upon a broad
nearly level plateau which extends well to the
north. Enroute we passed extensive ancient
quarries which had doubtless furnished
building stone for Apamea

Tomb. About three quarters of an hour before reaching
Hâss we passed through a village called
Maʿarit Mâtir. Just south of the village we
found an interesting tomb, partly excavated
and partly built. A deep chamber was excava-
ted in the solid rock. Three sides were then provided
with deep arched arcosolia and a barrel vault of
stone was added as a roof. The tomb was
situated on a gentle slope but there seems
to have been no entrance on a level with the bottom
of the tomb. The vault which, in the rear, had its
crown buried in the hill opened on the lower side
and was the only entrance.

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