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with crude flat sculpture representing
the Blessed Virgin and child between two angels.
The design and execution are of the lowest
order - as the photograph will show - but the
reliefs not without interest at this locality
Other smaller lintels with flatly carved bands?
of ornament and decorative inscription
were found in various parts of the town. These
give dates from to (W.R.P. GR insc )

A great number of columns of fair size
with plainly cut capitals are found in all
parts of the ruins showing that the private
homes had either colonnaded facades or court-
yards with columns about them.

Our most important find here was the lintel
of the great northern portal of the city which
lay on its face just outside the ruined gateway.
This we turned over and found to be almost
perfectly preserved. The ornament is simple
in the style characteristic of the ruin but the
beautiful inscription in large decorative letters
executed in high relief is one of our best treasures.
(W.R.P. GR insc no. 297) date 514 A.D.

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