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Above this cornice, set back over the line? of the
wall a heavy half-round moulding marks
the base of the pyramid which forms the
top of this monument. The faces of the
pyramid are formed of smooth well
fitted blocks rising at rather a steep angle.
The whole monument is remarkable
for its perfect execution, fine joints? and
well executed mouldings. An interesting
fact is that the joints of the upper story
have been pointed up with cement.
This is certainly not a modern precautiona-
ry measure and there is no sign that
the site was ever occupied by Saracenic
structures. It looks as if this pointing?
must have belonged to ancient times.

The sculpture which is the most
interesting feature of the monument is
difficult to reconcile with the architecture.
The subjects which are confined to ani-
mals and arms are treated in a con-
ventional manner suggestive of oriental work.

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