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The relief on the Eastern face represents
a boar hunt. The boar with unmist-
akable tusks is represented as brought
to bay by two large dogs. Above are spears,
at different angles, bow, axe and quiver.

The relief on the North side represents
the stag hunt. The two stags have large
antlers, one of them has fallen pton his
knees. Above and below are substantially
the same accoutrements of the chase

The northern relief is a bear hunt.
Three bears are shown a large one standing
or walking and two young ones, one walking
behind the old one and the other capering
upon its hind legs before her. Again
we have the weapons - at either end of
the composition three spears crossed
with a curious instrument like an out-
stretched accordian between the upper points
above the animals a single slanting spear
and below them two spears nearly parallel.
To the left, between the animals and the

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