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crossed spears are a bow and a large
axe with a loose strap wound about it.
From either end of the raised line upon
which the animals stand brings a
curious arrangement with curved handles,
a sort of basket work like a huge ?
larger at the top than at the bottom, with
straps around it whose loose ends hang down.
This arrangement is practically the same
for all the hunting implements.

The south side is almost destroyed
but enough remains for one to see that the
animal represented is a gazelle, which
is easily distinguished from the stag by
his short horns.

The composition of all the groups is
most simple - the figures almost con-
ventional but the anatomy is good and
the execution as good as could be in such
a friable material. The sculptures are
not unlike some of the reliefs seen
on sarcophagi of the post Alexandrean epoch

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