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is a large circular opening - above
which one can see the remains of a
winding staircase cut in the rock
leading up through one story to a third
level. Both of the upper floors have
windows opening out through large
apertures in the rock closed by a wall
of masonry. In all probability there
are chambers hewn in the rock on
both levels but the destruction of the
lower part of the stair made it impossi-
ble to determine this. The shepherd
inhabitants of these caverns have
built their fires below the opening
and have used it as a chimney
the smoke rising to escape through the
upper windows. There is little or no
architectural character in these remains.
The heavy facing wall with its deeply
splayed split windows is probably medaeival
but the cutting of the chambers is undoubted-
ly more ancient dating from the 4th or 5th cent.

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