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March 7, 1900

Tell Nebī Mindō
On the way from Rableh to Homs we
bore slightly toward the west to visit a tell
which arises conspicuously above the plain
with the Orontes sweeping in broad curves
on two sides of it. The tell has been
conjectured to be the site of the ancient
Laodicea and Libernum. It is undoubtedly
a site of great antiquity and a Greco Roman
city certainly flourished here.

The tell itself, upon which a poor native
village is perched, is formed of ancient
building materials and is full of pottery
but few remains of historical times
are found at the top except large
foundation stones, which have been taken
up for building purposes, and some
scattered fragments of columns.

It is in the plain at the foot of the
tell that one must look for remains.
To the east a low mound marks the
site of a large building of Roman date

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