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Here are traces of heavy walls of stone
and masses of vault masonry. Near it
has been discovered a slab of white lime-
stone with a greek inscription

All about the base of the tell are bits of
cut stone and blocks of marble but the
greatest mass of material has been
collected to build the bridge across the
river, the causeway leading to it and the mill.
In this mass are stones of all kinds -
limestone blocks, white and coloured marbles
drums and bases of columns and door lintels
one of which bears a rather crude cross.

In the causeway are found two inscribed
slabs, both tombstones. Mr. Prentice
copied both of these together with that
near the mound to the east.

The natives brought us many Roman and
Byzantine coins and told us that much
pottery and glass had been found by them
in the neighboring fields. All these things
had been either broken or sold.

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