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March 7-8, 1900

The site of ancient Ernessa preserves but
one architectural fragment of antiquity.
This is a ruined tomb structure just
outside the limits of the modern town on
the high road to Tripoli.

The monument besides being the only
remnant of the ancient city is of great
interest in itself as one of the few
Roman structures preserved to us in which
the masonry was designed to give a
polychromatic effect.

The tomb was a square tower like structure ^38 feet sq^
of two stories and an attic with vaulted
chambers, built all of concrete faced
with opus reticulatum and adorned
with pilasters and mouldings.

The reticulated work was executed in a
white limestone in which a simple pattern
is wrought in black basalt. The pilasters
are built up of brick shaped blocks of the

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