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limestone and the mouldings are
executed in long pieces of the same material

Only the north wall of the tomb with a
small portion of the east wall at the S.E.
angle is preserved but it is not difficult
to make a general restoration of the tomb
from these fragments as it was undoubtedly
a perfectly symmetrical structure.

The construction is in good Roman
concrete faced on the exterior with opus
reticulatum and on the interior with
brick. Brick relieving?? arches are still
to be seen on the second story inside and
the spray?? of vaulting arches and
masses of fallen vaulting, in concrete
of broken bricks and mortar, are still
found within the tomb.

On the exterior, the facing has been
completely hacked away up to the level
of the plaster capitals. Of these there
were four. They supported three
triangular pediments formed of simple

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