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confluence with the great Miami River
in Butler Co Ohio. It is mate up of pebbles
of various sizes (sometimes I believe of
primitive Rock) cemented together by
carbonate of Lime. The surface is
in many places covered with the
calc spar, of which this is a specimen
sometimes to the thickness of an inch.
It was quarried there and used in the
construction of two or three of the Locks
on the Miami Canal.

The bed of the Miami river through
which the canal passes is mostly made
up of gravel covered with a thin stratum
of Black vegetable mould. When
these pebbles are exposed in constructing the
canal to the air they become cemented
by carbonate of lime very strongly in
a few days

No 6 see Journal March 11. 1828

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The simple modifications are thus
named and defined. 1. Cirrus
Parallel flexuous or diverging fibers
extending in any or in all directions

2 Cumulus Convex or conical heaps,
increasing upwards from a horizontal
base 3 Stratus. A widely extended
continuous horizontal sheet increasing
from below.

The intermediate modifications which
require to be noticed are. 4. Cirro-
Cumulus. Small well defined
roundish masses in close horizontal
arrangement. 5. Cirro-Stratus.

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