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The Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia
Joseph J. Mickley, 927, Market Street.
William P. Chandler, 2022, Wallace Street.
William S. Vaux, 1700, Arch Street. William Duane, 514, Walnut Street.
Honorary Vice-Presidents.
Maine. John Marshall Brown, Esq., of Portland.
Massachusetts. Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, of Boston.
Rhode Island. Hon. John Carter Brown, of Providence.
Connecticut. Hon. William A. Buckingham, of Norwich.
New York. J. Carson Brevoort, Esq., of Brooklyn.
New Jersey Hon. Richard S. Field, of Princeton.
Delaware. Hon. Willard Hall, of Wilmington.
Maryland. Hon. Reverdy Johnson, of Baltimore.
Michigan. Hon. Lewis Cass, of Detroit.
South Carolina. Robert W. Gibbes, M.D., of Columbia.
Corresponding Secretary.
Charles H. Hart, 1819, Chestnut Street.
Recording Secretary.
Alfred B. Taylor, 1015, Chestnut Street.
Henry Phillips, Jr., 131, South Fifth Street.
William H. Welsh, 430, Chestnut Street.
Curator of Numismatics.
William S. Vaux, 1700, Arch Street.
Curator of Antiquities.
Robert C. Davis, S.E. corner of Sixteenth and Vine Streets.
William J. Jenks, 1322, Vine Street.

Committee on Hall. Committee on Numismatics.
Joseph J. Mickley, William S. Vaux,
Alfred B. Taylor, Emil Cauffman,
Henry Phillips, Jr. William H. Key.
Committee on Library. Committee on Antiquities.
William J. Jenks, Robert C. Davis,
Hamilton Creighton, C. Percy La Roche, M.D.,
Samuel H. Fulton Henry Ducommun.

Hall of the Society, 524 Walnut Street. Open every Thursday Evening.

Regular Meetings, First Thursday Evening in the Month.
Annual Meeting, First Thursday Evening in January.

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The Numismatic and Antiquarian Society
of Philadelphia requests you Carte-de-visite, in
conformity with the following Resolution:-
Resolved, That the photograph of each member be
requested for the library of the Society.
A.B. Taylor,
Recording Secretary.

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