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Division 3. Articulated animals with articulated feet

Class 1st Crustacea
Having generally a crustaceous covering more or less solid; provided with
distinct organs of circulation; respiring by means of bronchia

Order I. Decapoda
Branchia pyramidal; in the form of leaflets, situated near the
last four feet=jaws, and of the feet, concealed beneath the sides of
the shell; head not distinct from the trunk of the body eyes [illegible]

Genus Astacus Gron. Fab. page 3

Order III Amphipada
Eyes senile, immovable; head separated from the thorax; mandibles
with palpi; the post=abdomen provided with a branchial transversely and
with many articulations or bronchiae.

Genus Gammarus Fab. [p.1?].

Order V. Isopoda
Head distinct; eyes senile, granulated; mandibles without palpi; jaws, three pairs
the lower ones like two small feet; or having a lip with a [illegible]; badly depressed + divided into from 3
to 7 segments; feet 10 to 14; tail 7 or more segments; hearing branchiae;
frequently covered with laminae; with 4 antennae; destitute of a shell.

[Genus?] Ascellus p1. Philoscia 1. Oniscus-1. Porcellis 1. Armadilla 2.

Order VI. Branchiopoda
Mouth a labrum, 2 mandibles, a ligula, + 1 or 2 pair of jaws + branchiae
the first of which when there are several always anterior.

[Genus?] Cyclops-2. Cythere 2. Daphnia 2

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