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Coleoptera Species Jour. Ac. vol 3. p. 436

nigricornis, S. Black; thorax & elytra [obscurely?] margined with rufous. Mo. 3/20
abdominalis S. Gray-brown; the punctures black; beneath black; feet & margin of the abdomen pale. Mo. 3/20
fasciata S. Yellowish varied with rufous; elytra with 3 bands; beneath rufous. Mo 3/20
punctipes, S. Black; front 2 spotted, thorax with 3 spots, and margin rufous; elytra varied with whitish spots. Ark. 1/5
femoratus S. Black; labrum white thorax with 3 rufous spots; elytra with a whitish basal edge. Ark. 1/5
recurvus S. Black; margins of the thorax & elytra yellowish. U.S. 1/9
confluentus, S. Rufous elytra yellow; trilineate with black; the inner line confluent with the suture beyond the middle Ark 3/20
bivittatus. Yellowish rufous, punctured; elytra yellow with 2-vitta, & sutural edge black Ark. 1/5
4-maculatus Knock. Say. Black; elytra with a large red spot on the humeral base and an orbicular terminal one. U.S. 1/5

Colaspis Fabr. Lat.
pretexta S. Metallic; thorax & elytra edged with green; antennae & feet pale. U.S. 1/5
(Eumolpus metalicus Knock)
ovata S. (Eumolyphus ovata Kn.) Blackish coppery, convex; antennae & feet pale rufous U.S. Mass 1/10
convexa S. Blackish; labrum & base of the antennae rufous an indented line on the vertex Mo 1/5
striata S. Black; labrum, palpi, & base of the antennae dull rufous; elytra striate with punctures Mass Mo 3/20
puncticollis. S. Greenish or cupreous; thoracic punctures oval; labrum & antennae at base rufous Mo 3/20 Mass
10-notata S. Rufous brown hairy; elytra each with about 6 obsolete black spots U.S. 3/20 Mass
6-notata S. Pale; elytron with 3 black spots U.S. 3/20
4-notata S. Black; head rufous; elytra testaceous, with 2 black spots. U.S. 3/20
pallida S. Pale rufous; elytra pale testaceous immaculate. Mo. 3/20
dubiosa S. Pale rufous; elytra blue testaceous; eith a black sutural dilated base. Ark.
favosa S. Greenish, with dilated profound punctures; antennae black, testaceous at base Ark 1/4
denticollis S. Lateral thoracic edge 3 toothed; elytra serrate Mo. 1/5
interrupta S. Rufous; thorax with two spots; elytra, suture, exterior edge abbreviated vitta, black Ark 1/4

Eumolpus Fab. Latr.
crypticus. S. Entirely covered with short cinereous hair; elytra very acute at tip Mo 2/5

Chrysomela of Authors
hybrida. S. Ferruginous; elytra pale yellow; suture & 3 lines on each ferrugineous Mo Mass 3/10
multipunctata S. Ferruginous; thorax yellow with a ferruginous curve; elytra yellow, with numerous green spots Mo
Philadelphia Say?-Head & thorax green, immaculate.
dissimilis S. Dark purple or greenish; antennae black; beneath blue-black Mo 1/5
formosa S. Green-gold, brilliant; antennae black; suture & elytra purple; beneath violaceous Mo 5/20
basilaris S. Green; antennae black; basal joint rufous; thorax with a thickened margin Ark 1/4
auripennis S. Violaceous; margin of the thorax thickened; elytra golden Ark 1/4
flavo-marginata S. Black; thoracic margin thickenedelytra marginished with yellowish. Mo 1/4

Helodes Payk.
obsoleta S. Blackish; thorax & elytra margined with yellowish Mo 3/10

Doryphora Illig.
10-lineata. S. Yellow; thorax litterate, with black; elytra each with 5 black lines. Ark Mo 2/5
3-maculata, S. (Chrysomella maculata Melsh) C trimaculata? Fab.) Bluish-green; elytra yellow, U.S. 2/5, with a common band, and each with a triangular black spot near the tip; feet purplish.

Langura Lat.
puncticollis S. Rufous; antennae, thoracic spot, elytra & feet black. Mip. 2/5
3-fasciata S. Rufous; head black; elytra bifasciate with violaceous. Mip. 1/4

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