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30 Coleoptera Species Jour vol. 3

Galleruca Geoff. Leach.
coryli S. Melsh. Pale yellowish, testaceous; elytra bifasciate with blue U.S. 1/2-Defoliate the Hazel
tuberculata S. Dull reddish-brown; a slight tubercle at the anterior & posterior angles. Ms. 1/4
dorsata S. Pale yellowish; elytra blue, with a yellow outer margin & tip Ark 1/6
tricincta S. Yellowish; head, three elytral bands, and terminal dot, black. Ark. 1/4
externa S. Blackish-brown confluently punctured; margin of the elytra yellowish. Ark 7/20
puncticollis S. Dull yellowish-brown; thorax confluently punctured, unequal; antennae and two fillets on each elytron black. Miss. Ark. 3/20 Mass.
attenuata S. Yellowish brown; thorax with three black spots; elytra greenish blue, polished; margin & abbreviated fillet yellowish. Mis. 3/10
decorata S. Yellowish; antennae, venter & 2 spots on the elytra black. Mo. 3/10
longicornus S. Green, oblong; thorax with 2 impressed spots; elytra with a black fillet & suture Ark 1/5
atripennis S. Black; thorax rufous with 2 impressed spots; venter pale yellowish=rufous Mo. 1.5
atriventris S. Pale rufous; antennae, elytra & abdomen black. Mo 1/5

Longs 2d Ex vol. 2 App. 268

Cicundela Lin. Latr.
longilabris S. Blackish; elytra spotted and banded with white; labrum long-W. 3/5
tessicola S. Black; a white line at the tip of the elytra. N.W. Territory 2/5

Poecilus Bonelli
fraternus, S. Dark green; elytra dark greenish cupreous; palpi & feet piceous N.W. Territory 2/5 Mass

Dytiscus Lin, Lat.
fasciventris S. [F.] Dark olivaceous-brown; thorax & exterior elytial margin margined with yellow Mass L. Superior 1/10

Hyphidrus Latr
punctatus S. Dusky testaceous; very regularly & profoundly punctured. N.W. T. 1/10

Bupestris Lin Latr.
maculativentris, S. Violaceous with a cupreous reflection; anterior thoracic angles with a spot & a series on each side of the venter yellow. N.W. 13/20 Mass

Scydomus? Lat.
clavipes. S. Blackish; elytra bright rufous, blackish at tip; antennae longer than the thorax. Pa. 1/20
brevicornis S. Blackish; elytra bright rufous, blackish at tip; antennae shorter than the thorax. Pa. 1/20

Dorcatoma Herbst.
oculata S. Rounded-oval, blackish-brown, a little hairy; antennae yellowish piceous Mass Pa. 1/10

Nosodensron Latr.
unicolor S. Black, immaculate, antennae piceous clavum yellowish Mo 1/5

Elmis Lat.
crenatus S. (Parsus crenatus? Knock) Mass Thorax with 4 elevated lines; each elytron with two dull rufous spots. Pa. 5/20

Parnus Fab. (Dryops Oliv. Lat.)
fastigiatus Knock, Say. Blackish brown with very short dense hair; elytra with striae of rather large punctures. Pa 1/4

Trox Fab.
canaliculatus S. Thorax with an entire groove; clypeal edge not reflected; elytra with an alternate series of large & small bristly dots N.W. 7/20

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