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Coleoptera Species Longs 2d Ex Vol. 2

Clytus Fab.
speciosus. S. Black; thorax dilated, elytra about 5 banded; feet yellow. N.W.T. 1 in Mass.
undulatus S. Brown; thorax subbifasciate; elytra with a spot & 3 bands, yellow N.W. Ter. 1/2

Molocchus Fab.
marginalis S. Yellowish; elytra dusky on the disk; antennae shorter than the elytra. U.S. 3/10

Hispa Lin.
vittata Fab. Thorax bright rufous; elytra dark steel-blue, with a narrow rufous fillet & narrow margin; venter very dark, steel blue N.W.T.
marginata Melsh. Say. Fulvo-sanguineous; elytra with sanguineous lines, feet yellowish. U.S. 1/5

Galleruca Geoff. Latr.
decora S. Dusky; elytra dull testaceous, sericeous with golden brassy hair N.W. 1/5

Altica Geoff Lat.
taeniata, S. Black; antennae, feet, and vitta on the elytra white. N.W. Ter. 3/20

Eumolpus Kugell Latr.
flavidus S. Pale yellowish; elytra striate with double series of punctures. US 1/5
cochlearius S. Body black; base of the antennae tibia & elytra testaceous. N.W. 3/20

Coccinella Lin.
bitriangularis. S. White; thorax with 6, elytra with 9, black spots. N.W. Ter. 1/10

Trans Am. Phil Soc N. Series Vol 3p 253

denticulata, Hertz, Bright green; mandibles slender, longer than the head; elytra polished, with a subsutural series of impressed punctures, a subhumeral dot, intermediate triangular spot, and terminal lunule white; pectus, pospectus and front of the male, hairy. Mass. 1/2
hoemorrhoidalis, Hertz. Hairy, dull cupreous or purple; elytra with a humeral dot, a round dot behind, a curved band, two dots behind, and a terminal lunule whitish; beneath deep purple; venter ferruginous Mass. 9/20
splendida, Hertz. Bright green; disk of the elytra crimson or purple, with a submarginal triangular transverse line near the middle, and a terminal transverse line; whole margin green N. Car. 6/10

grandis, Hertz. Ferruginous; elytra purple, venter piceous; thorax remarkably transverse, posterior angles sharp, nearly [rectangular?]. N.C. 9/20
borea, Hertz. Head dark green; disl of the thorax, tarsi, lower ends of the tibia, knees, and anterior thighs, piceous; elytra green, substriate postpectus & venter ferruginous. Mass. 5/20 Mass
solea, Hertz. Testaceous; elytra with deep impunctured striae, a common sutural band narrower near the middle, not reaching the apex to which it is contiguous on each side, with a submarginal band which tapers towards the humerus. Mass. 1/4

porcina, Hertz. Densely covered with short yellow hair; clypeous emarginate; head piceous or black with a few hairs; antennae & legs ferruginous; thorax punctured, very hairy, with a longitudinal black line formed by the absence of hair; elytra castaneous pubescent. Mass. 1 in.
variolosa, H. Covered with short white hair; clypeus subquadreate, broader at tip, entire, ferruginous, antennae ferruginous, elava very long, 7 laminae; thorax blackish with 3 obsolete longitudinal impressed lines obsoletely marked with white hair; elytra dark castaneous, with suture humeral line and irregular spots, and the disk white; postpectus with thick long yellow hair. 1 in. Mass.

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