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Coleop. Sp. Jr. Vol 4 p 414

[Illegible-Genus begins with an S?] Meg. (Feronia Lat. Dej.)
obsoleta S. Blackish ferruginous; elytra striate obsolete each side and at tip. [La.] 2/5
obscura S. Black; tibia & tarsi dark rufous; elytral striae obsolete on each side La. 9/20

Platysma Strum Dej.
oblongo-notata. S. Dark reddish-ferruginous; elytra with 5 or 6 large subsutural punctures. N.W. Ter. 9/20
deparea, S. Reddish-brown; thorax punctured on the anterior & posterior margins Mex. 1/2

Abax Bon.
permuda S. Black with a pearlaceous reflection; 3d intestinal line 3 punctured La 1/2

Stomis Claiv. Dej.
granulatus S. Black; antennae dull rufous, blackish piceous towards the base. Mx 2/5

Amara Bon.
dolosa S. Black; oblique line near the thoracic angle obviously impressed; elyta with impunctured striae. Mexico 3/10
sera. S. Greenish black; three basal joints of the antennae yellowish Mex. 3/10
furtiva. S. Pale; thorax impunctured at base; elytra with punctured striae La. 2/5
grossa S. [A?] Alternate interstitial spaces punctured N.W. Ter. 1/2

Arisodactylis Dej.
dilatatus S. Black; thorax transversely quadreate, not contracted behind; impunctured; 1st joint of the antennae testaceous. Mexico 1/2
loetus? Dej. Alternate interstitial spaces cupreous, the remaining part green; elytra with a much dilated, slight indentation behind the middle, and a smaller one near the lip.

Harpalus Lat.
amputatus S. Elyrea greenish, truncate at tip. N.W.T. 2/5
ocreatus S. Black green; impunctured; feet pale yellow. Mex. 7/29

Stenolophus Meg. Dej.
cinctus S. Dark piceous; margin & suture of the elytra honey-yellow; feet pale yellow. Mass 3/20

Acupalpus Lat Dej.
debilipes, S. Piceous black; base of the antennae & feet yellowish Ga 3/20
obsoletus. S. Dark piceous; striae of the elytra obsolete Mex.-1/5

Bembidium Latr.
postremum, S. Blackish; elytra brownish; obscure yellowish at the tip. Pa. 1/5
sigillare, S. Cupreous; elytra with 2, dilated, subquadrate green spots on each; 4th striae rectilinear Mo. 1/4
semifasciatum S. Greenish black; elytra with spots; 3d interstitial space 2 punctured. Mexico 3/20
ephippiatum, S. Pale testaceous; elytra with punctured striae and a large common blackish spot. La. 1/10
tripunctatum, S. Piceous; elytra with 5 abbreviated striae; thorax 3-punctured between the dilated basal lines La 4/5
incurvum, S. Piceous; elytra with a honey yellow vitta from the humerus, a little dilated at its termination before the tip. La 4/5

Dytiscus Lin. Latr.
confluens, S. Blackish brown, margined with honey-yellow four exterior grooves of the elytra nearly or quite geminately confluent at tip. Maine 1 1/2 inches.
habilis, S. Blackish olivaceous; thorax & elytra margined with yellow; elytra with 3 series of punctures Mex. 1 in.
bimarginatus, S. Black; head & thorax rufous; elytra with a yellow vitta on the lateral submargin. La. 1/2

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