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Coleoptera Sp. Jr. A.P.S. vol 4.

Colymbetes Claiv.
gutticollis S. Thorax yellowish with 4 black spots; head black, anteriorly and band of the vertex yellow-Mex. 2/5

Coptoromus Say
serripalpus S. Yellowish; elytra brown varied with whitish. Mex 3/10

bifidus, S. Elytra with subsutural, impressed, punctured striae. Mex 1/5
nudatus S. Beneath black; feet yellowish; thorax and head on their disks yellowish; elytra blackish with lines & tip yellowish Mex 3/10
sericatus, S. Yellowish; elytra blackish with abbreviated lines and margin dull yellowish Mexico 1/5
interruptus, S. Black; feet, frontal line, three thoracic spots, and many elytral abbreviated lines yellowish. Pa 3/20
discicollis, S. Reddish brown, somewhat sericeous, minutely punctured, middle of the thorax, without punctures. N.W. Ter. 3/20

Noterus Lat.
bicolor, S. Honey-yellow; elytra black punctured. La 1/10

Hydrocanthus Say.
atripennis, S. Ferruginous; elytra black. 1/5 Mexico.

Gyrinus Lin.
obtusus. S, Black; feet honey-yellow behind obtuse. Mex 1/5
parcus, S. Black; feet honey-yellow. Mex 1/5

Staphylius Lin. Grav.
ephippiatus, S. Black; elytra rufous. Mexico 1/2
connexus, S. Black; elytra & feet rufous Mex. 3/10
iracundus, S. Black; elytra rufous; dorsal thoracic punctures three. La. 7/20
blandus Gravenhorst. Reddish, approaching sanguineous
inversus. S. Black; dorsal thoracic punctures 3. La. 3/10
dimidiatus, S. Blackish; elytra & margins of the abdominal segments reddish-brown feet pale. U.S. 1/5
tachiniformis, S. Black; thorax ranguineous; feet piceous; Mex. 1/4
apicialis, S. Black; terminal joint of the antennae and abdomen towards the tip rufous U.S. 2/5

Xantholimus Dahl.
cephalus, S. Black; antennae reddish brown; elytra & feet honey-yellow Va 1/4
hamatus S. Pieceous; antennae, alytra, & feet, honney yellow. U.S. 1/4

Lathrobium Gravenhorst.
similipeune. S. Black; members rufous or yellowish. Mexico 2/5
armatum S. anterior thighs dilated & angulated beneath La. 7/20
cinctum S. Black punctured; antennae & mouth piceous; feet yellowish; posterior margins of the segments of the abdomen rufous Mo. 2/5
dimidiatusa, S. Black; thorax & posterior half of the elytra rufous. U.S. 3/20
sphoericolle S. Blackish; thorax orbicular, convex; antennae long. La. 1/10
millepunctatum S. Piceous, with dense minute punctures; thorax with a glabrous line, rounded behind. La. 1/4
confluentum, S. Piceous; densely punctured; thorax short, rounded behind & angulated before each side; head large U.S. 3/20

Poederus Fab.
discopunctaus, S. Yellowish; abdomen black at tip. U.S. 3/20
cinctus S. Black; tips of the elytra obscure rufous. U.S. 3/20

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