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36 Vol 4 p 457

dentatus. S. Black; feet pale; elytra dull rufous at tip. U.S. 3/20

Stenus Latr. (25pm Mass)
geniculatus, S. Black; antennae & feet whitish. U.S. 1/5
colon, S. Black; elytra with a rufous dot; feet pale beneath. La. 3/20
stygicus, S. Grayish black; immaculate. Mo 3/10
femoratus, S. Grayish black; thighs rufous. Pa. 3/20
quadripunctatus, S. Black, punctured; thorax hexagonal inequal Mo 1/10

Oxyporus Fab (45 p in Mass)
stygicus, S. Black; tarsi rufous. La. 3/10

sculptus, S. Blackish, 5-lined; elytra rufous; feet pale. Pa. 3/20 (Aleochara sculpta Melsh.)
rufulosus, S. Black; longitudinally wrinkled; elytra obscure piceous Mexico 1/10
cordatus, S. Black; elytra whitish with a common brown spot. Va 3/20
emarginatus, S. Black; elytra whitish with a fuliginosus suture La. 1/10

Anthophagus Grav.
verticalis, S. Body reddish-brown; elytra & margin of the tergum yellowish Pa 1/5

Omalium Grav.
marginatum. S. Piceous, punctured; antennae & feet dull rufous. Upper Mo 1/10
rotundicolle, S. Piceous black; thorax rounded behind, emerginate before Pa 1/5

Tachimus Grav.
obsoletus S. Black; thorax, curve on the elytra, segment margins & feet yellowish Va 1/4
trimaculatus S. Yellowish; head & 3 elytral spots blackish; tergum rufous. Pa. 3/20
cincticollis, S. Black; posterior thorax margin line of the elytra & feet yellowish La 1/5
humidus, S. Black; elytra & posterior margins of the abdomenal segments rufous La 1/10

Tachyporus Grav.
fumipennis S. Black; margin of the thorax & base of the elytra yellowish Pa. 3/20
modestis. S. Piceous, sericeous; thorax & elytra margined with dull yellowish obscure U.S. 3/20
jocosus, S. Black; thorax, elytra, feet, & mouth rufous. Indiana 1/10
ventriculus, S. Black; thorax each side & elytral margin piceous. Pa. 1/12
opicus, S. Blackish; feet, base of the thorax & of the elytra obscure reddish brown Mo 1/10
acaudus, S. Abbreviated; honey-yellowish; thorax paler each side. La. 1/12
faber, S. Thorax & elytra yellowish; near the scutel depressed last joint of the palpi very short La. 1/12

Aleochara Grav.
obscuricollis, S. Black, elytra ferruginous; tarsi piceous-Mex. 3/10
lustrica S. Blackish; thorax each side, elytra & feet dull rufous. Pa 1/4
fasciata S. Yellow; head, band of the elytra & spot on the tergum black Pa 1/12
indentata. S. Yellowish; head, thoracic disk elytral spot & middle of the tergum black Pa 1/15
4-punctata, S. Thorax rufous, with 4 punctures placed transversely. Mo. La. 1/10
propera. S. Blackish; thorax depressed on the superior middle. la. 1/10
semicarinata. S. Blackish; thorax with a carina on the basal half. Mo

End of vol 4

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