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Coleoptera Species-Rees' Cyclop. 37

[Note-the species marked Am. maybe South American]

fascicularis, Oliv. Thorax mouse colored; elytra pale, with brown undulated streaks; antennae with fan-like tufts, black; Am.
oculatus, Oliv. Thorax with two black ocellate spots; body black, spotted with white. N. America-Ohio. Mass
luscus, Oliv. Thorax with two black ocellate spots; body black, & immaculate. N.A.
virens, Oliv. Body downy, blackish-green; antennae black. Am. islands.
elegans, Fab. Black; margin of the thorax & elytra with the fillets on the latter and the legs testaceous; head black; antennae testaceous. Am.
giganteus, Schall. Depressed; elytra brassy green with a yellow spot; breast & abdomen yellow. Am.
Indicus, Herbst. Black; thorax convex, punctured with a fulvous margin, sinuate in the middle, elytra black, striate punctured.
Guineensis, Gronov. Green bronzed; thorax subpubescent; antennae black; elytra striate. Am.
piceus. Degear. Entirely black, & polished; elytra very smoothe. Am.
lividus, Deg. Pale reddish brown; antennae rufous; legs yellow testaceous. Am.

Dytiscus Lin.
cinctus Fabr. Head & thorax yellow; elytra black; margin entirely white. Am.

Coccinella Lin.
S. Elytra red or yellow; dots black
9-notata. Herbst. Red, with 9 black dots; margin of the head & thorax white. N. Am.
marginella, Fab. Elytra dull testaceous with yellow margin. Am.
immaculata, Fab. Elytra ferruginous & immaculate; thorax black; margin & two dorsal spots white. Am. Mass
trilineata, Fab. Elytra yellow, with 3 abbreviated black lines. Small, body black. Am.
abbreviata Fab. Elytra red; an abbreviated band behind, and 2 dots of black; thorax black with two white lines. N. Am. Mass
glacialis, Fab. Elytra red, with 6 black dots, the intermediate one sinuate & longer. N. Am.
dilatata, Lin. Subrotund; elytra margined with fulvous, and marked with ten black dots thorax with 2 dots-Am. Large
cassidea. Lin. Oblong, red; elytra with 12 dots of black; thorax with 4. Maryland. Ohio
SS. Elytra black; spots red
[ni]tidula, Fab. Elytra brassy black; thorax margined with rufous; head black; immaculate body rufous. Am.
oculata Fab. Elytra black with 2 red spots; a large marginal white spot on each side of the thorax, N. Am. (smaller than C. cacti)
cacti. Lin. Elytra with 2 rufous spots; thorax immaculate Mass [Chilocorus]
SSS. Elytra black; spots yellow or white.
felina, Fab. Elytra black, with 6 white dots; body globulosa; head white; thorax white, with a black spot at base. Am.
ussina, Fab. Elytra black, with 10 white dots; head & anterior margin of thorax white. N. Am.

Curculio Lin.
S. Snout longer than the thorax; thighs unarmed
cruentatus, Oliv. Black; lines on the thorax, and 2 dots on the elytra, ferruginous, Carolina
punctulatus, Fab. Yellow varied with brown; abdomen cinereous, varied with black. Antennae black; legs cinereous. Am.
biguttatus Fabr. Deep black; elytra with elevated dots; abdomen & posterior legs yellow. Am.
S. Snout long; thighs dentated
6-guttatus Fab. Black elytra with three dots Am.
proboscideus Fab. Griseous; snout twice as long as the body. N. Am.
S. Snout short; thighs unarmed
canaliculatus, Fab. Cylindrical, deep black, with the legs rufous; thorax canalicated-small-Am. Islands
spengleri Lin. Elytra yellow with glabrous abbreviated lines of black-Am islands

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