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38 Col. Sp. Cyclop.

Cassida Lin.
purpurea Lin. Yellow, body above purple. Small. Am.
quadripustulata Lin. Thorax dusky; elytra sanguineus; margin blue with two red spots. Am.
cyanea Lin. Brassy blue; elytra immaculate, with excavated dots. Am.
supposita Lederm. Elytra black, annulated anteriorly with fulvous dots in the middle. Am.
sanguinolenta Lin. Golden yellow; oval ring on the elytra, and tubercle on the suture, sanguineous. Am.

Cerambyx Lin. Fab.
velutinus, Fab. Thorax spinous & blackish, with a deep black stripe. Antennae of moderate length; body black; elytra obtuse, dorsal stripe velvity. Am.
elegans, Fab. Thorax spinous, and, with the head, brassy green & glossy; elytra dusky antennae long & with long & with the legs rufous. Am.
succinctus, Lin. Thorax rugose with two spines; elytra banded with yellow; antennae very long compressed Am. (C. fusco-castaneus Deg.)
juvencus Lin. Thorax unarmed; rugose; elytra pointed, black, with hoary down; antennae very long. Am.

Prinos Fab. (Cerambyx Lin)
fulginosus Fab. Thorax with crenated margin, armed with one tooth and marked with an impressed dorsal line; elytra with crenated teeth at tip. Am.
lineatus Lin. Thorax with crenated margin and a single lateral tooth on each side; black, striped with white; elytra crenated with teeth at the apex. Am.
mucronatus, Fab. Thorax margined & bidentate; elytra mucronate & rufous. Am.
cervicornis, Lin. Thorax margined with three teeth each side; jaws advanced and armed outwardly with a single spine; antennae short. Am
cylindricus Fab (Cer. unicolor Drwy) Thorax margined, three toothed & dusky; breast and abdomen ferruginous; antennae short. N. Am.-Antennae compressed; head & thorax black; elytra patchy. North America.
damicornis Lin. Thorax margined & denticulated; jaws advanced, bidentate; antennae short. Am.
bilineatus, Fab. Thorax with crenated margin & two white lines; elytra ferruginous with yellow margin & speckled with white. Am
canaliculatus, Fab. Thorax with a crenated margin & a villous white grove down the back; antennae short. Am.

Lamia Fab. (Cerambyx Lin)
ambulator, Fab. Anterior part of the thorax with two spines on each side; body clouded Am
nodosa, Gmel. Thorax spinous; elytra cinereous with black spots; antennae very long, with the third joint gibbose at the tip; antennae 4 times the length of the thorax; elytra flat rounded & dotted at the base. Md.
glauca Lin. Thorax armed with 5 spines & glaucus; elytra maricate; the sides & band black; antennae long. Am.
bidentatus Lin. Thorax somewhat spinous; elytra bidentate, rough, cinereous, varied with fuscous; Am
amputator, Fab. Thorax spinous; elytra cinereous, sprinkled with black, and numerous testaceous spots. Am. islands.
titillator. Fab. Thorax spinose; elytra cincreous clouded with glaucus and brown antennae very long & rufous. Mass. [Monoch amus]
coquus, Lin. Thorax slightly spinous [very minute spines] & hirsute; elytra obtuse, furrowed, black, with the anterior part ferruginous; antennae moderate. N. Am.
leprosa, Gmel. Thorax spinous, elytra variolous at base with a long lateral spot of black; antennae long. Am.
cornutor: Fab. Thorax obtusely spined; jaws cornuted at the base; antennae very long. Am

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