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Col. Sp. Cyclo.

Stenocorus Fab. (Cerambyx Lin.)
garganicus Fab. Thorax spinous; elytra bidentate and greyish with a yellow spot; antennae very long. Maryland.
festivus, Lin. Thorax armed with two teeth each side; elytra bidentate & greenish; with a yellow lateral line. Common in America
Marylandicus Fab. Thorax depressed, tuberculated unarmed; elytra bidentate clouded with fuscous & cinereous; antennae moderate, somewhat spinous. Maryland
spinicornis Fab. Thorax unarmed tuberculated; elytra bidentate; joints of the antennae with two spines; body varigated Am.
irroratus Lin. Thorax unarmed & unequal; elytra bidentate & sprinkled with white; antennae long & aculeated. Am.
10-maculatus Fab. Thorax somewhat spinous with 4 spots; elytra bidentate, ferruginous with yellow & cinereous spots
villosus, Fab. Thorax unarmed dusky with cinereous down; elytra bidentated Carolina
undatus Fab. Thorax spinous cinereous; elytra bidentate with two waved black lines; antennae moderate, villous, black. Am. Mass? [callidelson?]
ferruginosus, Rozien. Blackish; elytra ferruginous; antennae spinous inwardly. Am.

Calidium Fab. (Cerambyx Lin)
stigmam Lin. Thorax dotted; body black; elytra smoothe, with a white stigmate spot. Am.
colonum, Fab. Thorax rounded; elytra livid with three fuscous bands; antennae short. Carolina
varium, Fab. Thorax rounded, rufous; elytra rufous at base, with two white bands. N. Am.
flexuosum, Fab. (Leptura wbinioe Forster, L. picta Drury) Thorax rounded, with yellow bands; elytra with 7 yellow bands, the anterior ones curved upwards, the lower ones downwards. Am. Ohio
fulminaus, Fab. Thorax globose & spotted; elytra black with angulated waved white bands. N. Am.
mucronatum, Fab. Thorax rounded, & spotted, elytra clytus mucronate & black, with 3 bent yellow lines & ferruginous base. Am.
Erythrocephralum, Oliv. Thorax rounded somewhat spinous; elytra bidentate & fuscous with 4 yellow bands; thighs compressed & clavated. Am. Mass. [Clytus]

Rhagium Fab.
ornatum, Fab. Thorax spinous & black; elytra with a broad yellow band.

Saperda Fab.
ruficollis. Fab. Thorax villous, rufous, antennae & elytra fuscous. Head rufous; antennae moderate & black; thorax immaculate; elytra villous. Virginia.
vittata Fab. (trilineata Lin) Greyish with 3 dentated white stripes; antennae long, first & second joint finely bearded beneath. Am.
lateralis Fab. Black; sides of the thorax, and lateral stripe on the elytra ferruginous. N. Am.

Chrysomella Lin. Fab.
exclamentionis, Fab. Ovate; thorax & feet ferruginous; body yellow with 9 black abbreviated lines, the exterior one interrupted. Head ferruginous without spots. N. America.
vittata, Fab. Ovate, blue; margin & stripe along the middle yellow. Am.
pulchra, Fab. Brassy; elytra yellow; suture & stripe brassy North Am. Mass
tricolor. Fab. Ovate, brassy, polished; beneath black; antennae vent, & legs ferruginous. Virginia.
collaris, Lin. Ovate violet; margin of the thorax with a black dot. Thorax has two impressed dots. Europe & Americas.
festiva, Fab. Ovate, brassy-black, with three lines on the wing cases, elytra and the anterior part of the suture yellow. Am. (C. lineata Deg.)
aurata, Fab. Ovate; thorax rounded, blue; elytra golden with a blue margin. Pa. [Eurmolpus?]
Philadelphica Lin. Ovate, green; elytra yellow with green spots; antennae & legs ferruginous Pa. Mass.
Caroliniana Gmel. (Crioceris, Fab.) Yellowish; thorax with two dots; elytra with 5 yellow stripes.
bicolor Degear. Rufous; elytra & posterior thighs blue. Am.

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